From Antigua, Guatemala to the world.

A Guide to Antigua, Guatemala: A Candy-Colored City Framed by Volcanoes -  The New York Times

Introducing Amor Propio, a clothing brand born from the heart of Antigua Guatemala, brought to life in February 2023 by Pablo Rodriguez. Inspired by the vibrant hues and infectious positivity of his hometown, Pablo's vision is to instill confidence, self-love, and respect in every customer.

Growing up with the lively culture of Guatemala, Pablo learned the value of positivity and hard work from those around him. Despite humble beginnings, he cherished the sense of togetherness they shared. At fourteen, he embarked on a journey to Illinois to complete his high school education, determined to return to Guatemala for college. Overcoming language barriers and initial stumbles, he embraced the challenge, recognizing that part of shaping his destiny meant mastering English.

Through unwavering dedication, Pablo not only learned a new language but also improved his confidence and determination. Graduating with Highest Honors from high school and currently pursuing an Honors Curriculum at Michigan State University, Pablo defied the odds.

"I'm not supposed to be here at this point in time, my time in America is supposed to be done for but it's not, so best believe I will make the absolute best out of everything." - Pablo Rodriguez

Driven by this resolute spirit, Pablo dedicated his freshman year of college to creating something extraordinary. Drawing from his experience in the streetwear industry, he set out to establish a brand that empowers individuals to take charge of their own narrative, recognizing that the power to change lies within.

Enter Amor Propio, a brand that celebrates the person most important to you - yourself.

Remember, you have the power to illuminate your world.

Amor Propio. Shine Bright. 

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