Shine Bright.

"No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile."

-Mac Miller


Amor Propio aims to empower and influence people to love, respect, and think of themselves to a higher standard in order to voluntarily change the reality around them, achieving a more fulfilled self.

Amor Propio does this by embracing individuality through positive thinking, genuine connections, colors, and cloth, all of which combined make a person shine.

Founded upon a strong philosophy that believes diversity is what makes the world a rich, and beautiful strengths, Amor Propio believes every person is unique, blessed with their own flaws and struggles, but rightful to celebrate, expand, and share their strengths.



To be a leading force in the promotion of self-love and confidence. Aiming to challenge the stigma of selfishness and ego surrounding those who prioritize themselves while striving to inspire others to embrace their individuality and live up to their full potential.

Amor Propio wants to create a community of individuals who are proud, loving, and committed to improvement and growth.

Through positive thinking, cloth and colors, we wish to inspire people to love and respect themselves in order to shine bright, and positively, voluntarily, shape the reality around them.